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Ecuador willing to strengthen exchange of information with Interpol, says minister of the Interior

Image: The Ecuadorian National Police is willing to actively participate in the exchange of data and information with the 192 countries member of the International Police Organization (INTERPOL) with the aim of contributing to the fight against terrorism, informed Minister of the Interior Cesar Navas. andes.info.ec »

2017-9-30 20:30

Odebrecht: Lenín Moreno says his government has offered its full support to Attorney General’s Office

Image: “I’ve previously said we will directly fight against any type of corruption and this is a way to do it,” said Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno on Thursday and added that his government offered its full support to the District Attorney General’s Office to conduct raids in the last hours once details of the list of people involved in Odebrecht case were known. andes.info.ec »

2017-6-3 20:09

President Correa dismisses reelection and says he has already “made a decision”

Image: President Rafael Correa dismissed his participation as candidate for 2017 elections despite the fact that a group called “Rafael, contigo siempre” has already collected more than a million signatures across the country in order to get a constitutional amendment that allows him to run for president for third time. andes.info.ec »

2016-8-9 23:54

“Ecuador is not responsible for what Julian Assange says”: foreign minister Guillaume Long

Image: Ecuadorian foreign minister Guillaume Long affirmed Wednesday that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is “responsible for his own words” and the Ecuadorian government is not responsible for what he says after the Australian annmounced his digital portal will leak e-mails of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. andes.info.ec »

2016-8-4 23:33

Ecuadorian president says elites that question his administration hid $30,000 bn in tax havens

Image: President Rafael Correa defended the draft bill on solidarity which aims at collecting resources for the reconstruction of areas affected by the quake and questioned opponents who aim at politicizing such law, some of whom have taken the country’s resources for up to 30,000 billion dollars to hide them in tax havens, resources, he said, could have been used to invest in the economic recovery of areas affected by the quake. andes.info.ec »

2016-5-10 00:44

Rescuers continue search for survivors, says Ecuadorian Risk Management secretary

Image: Rescuers continue with the hope of finding people alive in the aftermath of a strong earthquake hit Ecuador nine days ago. “We’ve respected international standards, exactly as established, search and rescue operations are carried out along with national and international organizations,” Luis Jaramillo, Secretariat of Risk Management, said Monday. andes.info.ec »

2016-4-26 23:52

President Correa says the conservative restoration aims at weakening governments

Image: “Nobody said the country’s historic change would be easy, let’s remember what happened to the liberal revolution, what happened to Eloy Alfaro, in the hands of oligarchy, in the hands of media,” President Rafael Correa told citizens who gathered outside the government palace to support his administration. andes.info.ec »

2016-4-8 17:42